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Visiting any of the Wineries in the City of Haro is something that we all have to do at least once a year. The city of Haro has many tourist and cultural attractions. It has a great wealth of artistic and cultural heritage that is worth knowing: much of it can be discovered simply by walking around the city and discovering the “Herradura”, the old town declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1975 and the different palaces scattered around the city. apart from churches. All of them bring us closer to an artistic past that conveys the importance of the city throughout history, past and present. Wine and vineyards are the economic and industrial axis of the region, which preserves some of the oldest and best-known Rioja wineries. But here wine is more than a product, it is the vital and cultural expression of an entire people. A new form of tourism that is gaining more and more followers are the “Wine Routes”: they consist of approaching the land and its people through its wines, its wineries, its gastronomy and its customs. As La Rioja Alta and Haro are quality wine lands par excellence, getting to know them through the wine routes becomes a great experience, not only because of the number of wineries and vineyards, but also because of their quality and the varied tourist offer that develops around it.