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Rioja Oriental

Hearing the name La Rioja already evokes the idea of wine. Thanks to its geographical location, climate and soil, Rioja Oriental is a privileged area for the cultivation of vines, giving the wines very specific characteristics. Over time, a local culture based on the winemaking process has been created, which is irrigated and very visible in the villages of La Rioja.

In addition to its carefully produced wines, this area stands out for its exquisite gastronomy, above all for the locally grown vegetables, usually accompanied by a great local wine. An example of this is its incredible production and cultivation of mushrooms; the municipality of Pradejón being the one that produces the most mushrooms in the country. Rioja Oriental also has a great collection of cultural museums scattered throughout its region. Such as the Olive Oil Culture Museum, located in Préjano, which exhibits in great detail the history and evolution of one of the most useful products, used and sold since ancient times.

The wine culture is closely linked to the character of the villages in the area. The values of the wine and inhabitants with the art and activities related to wine and gastronomy, make a visit to towns such as Alfaro, Aldeanueva, Azagra, Calahorra and Viana, a must.