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How it works

Who we are

Rumbowine is a wine tourism booking platform developed by the wineries themselves to showcase the wine tourism services they offer in a direct and transparent way.

How it works

At Rumbowine you will be able to select the wineries you want to visit and get the type of visit, day and time for each of them in a single ticket. We do not work with intermediaries so the visits are 100% guaranteed.

How many reservations can I make in a single purchase process?

As many as you wish. There is no limit to the number of wineries you can visit.

To take into account before finishing the reservation

As you can book more than one winery in a single process, don’t forget to check the distance between the wineries if you want to visit them on the same day.

What payment methods are available?

You can currently pay for your bookings by credit card or Paypal.

How much does the service cost?

You will only pay 1.8€ for each purchase process (ticket).

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can. To do so, go to My bookings and fill in the information requested.

When can I cancel a booking?

From the moment you finish the purchase process until 48 hours before the first visit within the purchase ticket.

Can I modify a booking?

No, you are only allowed to partially or totally cancel a ticket with several reservations.

What happens if I can’t make it to the booked visit?

In this case you should contact the winery directly to see how they can help you.

What is my Travel Plan?

Through my travel plan you will be able to share with your friends the Rumbowine wineries you want to visit so that any of you can easily arrange a visit for the whole group.