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Book and visit Solar Wineries of Samaniego located in the medieval village of Laguardia, in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, under the D.O.Ca. Rioja. Over the last few decades it has consolidated its position as one of the leading wineries in this quality area. Since 2018 the winery has collaborated with the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Landscapes and Heritage in the integration of the winery into the landscape of Laguardia, has created a unique and singular wine tourism experience thanks to the recovery of the Espacio Medio Millón with the murals of Guido Van Helten as well as inside the shop/library, in the dining room of the Brotherhood and the estate library, all inspired by the Beber Entre Líneas which, of course, comes from the vineyards from which Solar de Samaniego wines are made in Rioja.

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One of the essential visits to wineries in La Rioja Alavesa. You will be able to tour the winery and the outdoor areas which, together with its vineyards, make for a wonderful experience in which you can also taste wines and complement it with a gastronomic experience with different menus paired with wines from the winery.



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