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Olarra Wineries has been recognised as the Great Cathedral of Rioja or the greatest exponent of Wine Architecture. Its impressive construction, the work of Juan Antonio Ridruejo, is one of the first exercises in architecture applied to a winery and one of the first times that a prestigious architect designed a winemaking hall. Ridruejo built his own interpretation of a Gothic cathedral with three floors and a central transept perfectly suited to house a winemaking centre. Everything was designed for it, including the 111 domes in the barrel room, which therefore needs no external temperature control system. Its wines have evolved over time without losing their character. These are based on the selection of the best raw material and with the third generation of winemakers they have come to make great Rioja wines. The families of winegrowers who supply grapes to Bodegas Olarra are faithful to the winery’s philosophy, they take care of the vineyard because it is their heritage and their plots continue without exceeding one hectare. Visiting Bodegas Olarra is the best way to get to know how a space is designed with the wine’s journey in mind. From the vineyard to the bottle.

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At Olarra Wineries you will get to know its spectacular facilities on a pleasant visit during which you will be shown the winemaking process and discover some of the curiosities surrounding the world of wine. And perhaps a few secrets too. They will explain the singularity and the reason for its architecture, the unique space of sensations created by the mixture of materials. You will see the play of light with the colour of wine as the protagonist, you will walk through every corner of their house and they will share all their experiences while you taste some of their most emblematic wines.





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